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"Supporting our People to fulfil their aspirations for management, use and control of Balanggarra Country"

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Balanggarra at a Glance

Balanggarra is committed to

(a) ascertaining the wishes and aspirations of the Balanggarra People in relation to the management, use and control of the Land, encouraging the fulfilment of those aspirations and seeking their consent for the use of their Land;

(b) supporting and developing good health and well-being, education, employment, skills development, enterprise development, housing and community services for the Balanggarra People;

(c) assisting in alleviating the significant unemployment levels of its members together with the resultant economic and social problems by assisting in the provision and development of training, employment, enterprise and investment opportunities;

(d) empowering its members by promoting self- management and preservation of their culture;

(e) acting to improve the living conditions of its members by assisting in the establishment and development of community living areas;

(f) receiving any grant, settlement, compensation, dividend, payment or other consideration in respect to Land Use Agreements;

(g) managing and applying monies received from Land Use Agreements, for community purposes or investment and in accordance with these rules;

(h) participating with other groups and organisations in projects for their mutual benefit; and

(i) deriving income from investment of surplus funds of the Corporation.


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What We Do

Empowering Balanggarra People

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Rangers caring for Country

Looking after our land

Indigenous tourism 

Sharing our country, our way

Culture and Community

Supporting our people to grow


“We want to speak for our country, decide for our country and manage access to our country.”

Cissy Gore-Birch, Chairperson

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5 Kentia Way, KUNUNURRA WA 6743

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